Official Press Release Box5 Software "changes the game" with launch of new drill writing software.

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Monday, June 27, 2011

Box5 Software is proud to introduce new EnVision Visual Performance Design software. EnVision brings the power of advanced 3D animation to designers of marching band and drum corps productions.

EnVision software boosts creativity by enabling the designer to fully visualize routines and better appreciate the aesthetics of every aspect of the design. Empowered by EnVision’s intuitive user interface and realistic 3D rendering of performer movements, designers can choreograph and produce unforgettable shows that push the creative boundaries of visual performance arts.

The increasing complexity of performances of marching bands, drum corps, winterguard and indoor drumlines has pushed designers to new levels of creativity. EnVision software gives designers a richer visual vocabulary with which to imagine, refine and share their most ambitious ideas.

If you're a visual performance designer, Envision software’s visualizations and animations can add vitality to every step of your design process.

Express your imagination. No other software program allows you to conceptualize and brainstorm your production or show like EnVision software. And as you refine your design, the ability to specify the movements of individual performers adds nuance to the production.

Share your vision. Now you can accurately express your designs to your staff and performers, showing them precisely what the routine will look like on the field or in the gym.

Spend more time teaching (and less time redesigning). The software alerts the designer when a performer is being asked to do the impossible. This ensures that the completed design is robust and minimizes the likelihood of rewrites and redesigns when the production reaches the teaching and rehearsal stage.

“The software innovations from EnVision put their product head and shoulders above the competitors,” says Brian Murphy, Drill Writer/Designer for the Boston Crusaders. “Their 3D modeling gives me immediate real-world perspective and feedback that until now has been impossible to replicate outside of the actual performance, enabling us to evaluate the design earlier and more often. This is a game changer.”

According to Box5 founder and programmer William Lee, the emphasis was on creating a tool that made on-screen designs as realistic as possible, blending advanced colour, shape and movement in ways that have never been possible with a computer drill writing program before.

"Making the uniforms and costumes look accurate helps give a much truer sense of how the drill will look in real life," Lee says. "Instruments in EnVision are scaled and proportioned properly, making it obvious, say, when the tubas get too close to the flags. Accurate movement in the lower body really lends a sense of realism to the playback and immediately helps diagnose step size issues."

“Anytime there is an opportunity to allow our designers to reach their creative vision with ease, we try to take advantage of it,” says Tom Spataro, Executive Director of the Boston Crusaders. “And EnVision provides us with just such an opportunity. I've never seen anything like EnVision before.”

“In the end we want to make the performing arts a better experience for everyone, from the designer all the way through to the spectators,” says William Lee, founder of Box5 Software. “After all, we like watching a good show too.”

EnVision software is available for immediate purchase and download from the Box5 website at

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About Box5 Software

Founded in 2010, Box5 Software is privately held software development company based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Their mission is to create software that enables people to fully express their imaginations, explore new ideas in movement and create inspired productions. Their first product is EnVision Visual Performance Design Software.