EnGage App Officially Launches, Providing Revolutionary Features for Marching Band Directors and Instructors

2023-03-19 - Box5 Software is proud to announce the official launch of EnGage, the revolutionary app that provides marching arts directors and instructors with the tools they need to learn drill faster. EnGage is now out of beta and available to download for both iOS and Android devices.

With EnGage, users can upload their EnVision drill to the EnGage portal, which can then be downloaded by the app. Users can create groups and share access codes with their students, allowing them to view the drill and practice their positions accurately. Best of all, there is no limit to the number of groups that can be created.

EnGage provides users with an array of features, including the ability to download and view the drill, and to receive accurate count-by-count positions for all members. This makes it easier than ever to ensure that every member is in the correct position at the right time.

"EnGage is the result of years of hard work and dedication to providing marching band directors and instructors with the tools they need to create the perfect performance," said William Lee, CEO of Box5 Software. "We are thrilled to finally bring this app out of beta and make it available to everyone."

To learn more about EnGage, or to download the app, visit the EnGage Portal website at https://engage.box5software.com/.

About Box5 Software
Box5 Software is a leading provider of software solutions for the marching band industry. We aim to provide marching band directors and instructors with software solutions that empower them to create flawless performances.



Testimonial from Loujaue W. McPherson of Mon Valley Express drum and bugle corps

I have been using your software for many years and have written for bands and drum corps alike. I am the Program Director and CEO of the Mon Valley Express drum and bugle corps. Your product has seen us thru 3 DCI Soundsport silver medals and one bronze. We will be using it for our 2023 production and return to Soundsport as well.

I recently received a fairly simple question about how best to collaborate with another user with EnVision running on two different computers. The answer is complex enough that I thought I should make a post about it.


TL;DR: Yes you can share files between computers, even between Windows and Macs. To do it properly you should Export the production first and import it on the other computer.



Hello! I just purchased your product today for myself and my choreographer. We have two licenses (one for each computer) but will be working on this from different geographic areas. Is there a way to easily share files while working on the same show? Thanks for your help!



The files that EnVision creates are sharable via email and other normal file sharing methods and you should have no problems loading them on both computers.  That being said, with the addition of music, custom uniforms, custom flags, custom floor etc. managing those different files (images etc.) can become difficult so we do recommend a set of best practices to follow when sharing between computers.

  1. The initial setup should be done on one computer before sharing happens. This will generally include creating the Canvas (floor/field) that you want, adding the performers in your production, adding and syncing music, making the first save (which includes the .drl (drill) file and the .EnV (EnVision Show) files).  Custom uniforms, flags and drum designs can be included here too for convenience but they can also be added later.
  2. Exporting the production from the File menu.  This will group all the extra files together into a single file. This includes the music file and any image files you may have used for uniforms or floor etc.. It also generalizes certain file paths so it can more easily locate the additional files.
  3. Share the exported file (.EnVision) with the other computer who will be working on the production. They should import this file simply by opening it from the file menu. From then on, the main drill file will have been imported into their Documents/EnVision/Drills directory and they should continue to open it from that file, not the exported file.
  4. Once the export/import is completed, you should be okay simply sharing the .drl file, but we also recommend sharing the .EnV file.
  5. Lastly, I also recommend saving your drill files in a progressive manner, regardless of whether you are sharing with someone or not, though it brings additional benefits if you are sharing files. For example I name files with a date followed by a version number for that date: '2020.01.11-1 Blue Devils - Beginning.drl',  '2020.01.11-2 Blue Devils - First Hold.drl' etc. This allows you to easily keep track of who updated what and in which order, and to always be working on the correct version of a file. It also makes it easy to go back to a previous version if something doesn't work out in the drill the way you expect it to.
Unfortunately there is no easy way for multiple people to work on the same file at the same time, as EnVision has no good way to merge these changes together back into a single file. So you will either have to work on different segments of the show in different files, or only one person can update the drill at a time.


Tommy Williams EnVision 3D Designer 

Today, Box5 Software is happy to announce Tommy Williams as the newest member of the EnVision Designer team! 


In his 30th year of teaching in the marching arts, Tommy has instructed/consulted in the area of design for multiple World and Open Class Drum Corps including: Spirit of Atlanta, Nite Express, Phantom Regiment, Magic, Crossmen, Boston Crusaders and the Blue Stars.


Tommy served on the design team for WGI champion Music City Mystique from 1995-2002 and also writes and consults with indoor drumline and winds programs. He is a sought-after and well respected consultant for high school marching band programs across the United States, including BOA finalists Southwest High School, Claudia Taylor Johnson, Cedar Ridge, Winston Churchill, Cedar Park High School and Minnesota state champion Anoka High School.


Mr. Williams owns and operates “T DUB DESIGNS” where he instructs marching and movement clinics nationally. Tommy currently resides in Wenatchee, WA with his wife Kelly and stepson Carson.


Tommy can be contacted at mytdubdesigns@gmail.com.

Box5 Software Inc. would like to announce Joe Petruzzi from Southington, Connecticut, USA, as the first member of the EnVision Designer roster.

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