Image: Uniform selection view in EnVision
Image: Uniform selection view in EnVision

EnVision Visual Performance Design software was developed from the ground up with the goal of creating easy-to-use tools for visual designers. These tools allow designers to fully express their imagination, quickly try many different movement options and easily share their visions and concepts with others. This means less time writing and rewriting and more time teaching.

Helping the Box5 Software team fine tune features and test our product in a real-world drill writing environment was Brian Murphy, Drill Writer/Visual Designer from the DCI World Class Finalist, the Boston Crusaders. Not only has Brian tested EnVision software, he used EnVision to help create the Boston Crusaders’ 2011 production, entitled “Revolution.”

“The software innovations from EnVision put their product head and shoulders above the competitor’s,” says Brian Murphy, Drill Writer/Designer for the Boston Crusaders. “Their 3D modeling gives me immediate real-world perspective and feedback that until now has been impossible to replicate outside of the actual performance, enabling us to evaluate the design earlier and more often. This is a game changer.”

Other members of the marching staff, Kyle Nealy and Geoff Lee, have contributed insight and feedback on ways to ensure various tool sets in EnVision software help improve the creative and workflow processes that existing software does not offer.

After spending some time reviewing EnVision, Tom Spataro, Executive Director of Boston Crusaders commented. "Anytime there is an opportunity to allow our designers to reach their creative vision with ease, we try to take advantage of it. And EnVision provides us with just such an opportunity. I've never seen anything like EnVision before."

Download EnVision Visual Perfomance Design and try the trial version today. Your shows will never be the same.