Ladies and Gentlemen, class is now in session, welcome to EnVision University, semester 1.

This series of videos have been designed for aspiring and experienced drill writers/designers that want to learn how to use EnVision Visual Performance Design software. 

EnVision is perfect for designing drill for marching bands, drum corps, winter guards, indoor percussion groups and other forms of marching/visual performance activities.

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About Box5 Software 
Founded in 2010, Box5 Software is privately held software development company based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Their mission is to create software that enables people to fully express their imaginations, explore new ideas in movement and create inspired productions. Their first product is EnVision Visual Performance Design Software. 

EnVision software is available for immediate download and purchase from the Box5 Software website at
To learn more about Box5 and our EnVision software or to schedule an interview, please contact Emile Mclean at