Our mission to produce the best drill writing software on the planet continues. Box5 Software has released another exciting update, and its free.

Here's what EnVision users and fans can expect in EnVision 1.5: 

1) Lower body animations! Drill designers can now add kneeling, lunges, power stances and more to their show designs. This powerful upgrade allows designers to present compelling designs to their staff and performers more than ever before. Visit the Box5 Software YouTube channel to learn how to unleash this simple and powerful feature. What's more, you can even add lower body animations to ripples.
2) Upgraded several performer animations.
3) Fixed an error where, on occasion, counts on the first set were not set properly.
4) Reported issues related to loading external productions from the Show Manager tool fixed.
5) Updated grey uniform in loading drill. Note, you have to the save file to see the effect.
6) Performer switch functionality over multiple sets has been fixed.

Download EnVision 1.5 and experience EnVision's superior, true 3D drill writing experience today. 


About Box5 Software
Founded in 2010, Box5 Software is privately held software development company based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Their mission is to create software that enables people to fully express their imaginations, explore new ideas in movement and create inspired productions. Their first product is EnVision Visual Performance Design Software. 

EnVision software is available for immediate download and purchase from the Box5 Software website at
To learn more about Box5 and our EnVision software or to schedule an interview, please contact Emile Mclean at