Box5 Software is proud to announce EnVision Visual Performance Design software is now available for the Mac OS X operating system. “We are excited to release an OS X version of EnVision,” says William Lee, Director of Product Development for Box5 Software. “We have been receiving a lot of requests from drill writers across the globe and we are happy to deliver.”

EnVision drill design software boosts creativity by enabling designers to fully visualize routines and better appreciate the aesthetics of every aspect of their designs. Empowered by EnVision’s intuitive user interface and realistic 3D rendering of performer movements, designers can choreograph and produce unforgettable shows that push the creative boundaries of visual performance arts. 

The increasing complexity of performances of marching bands, drum corps, winter guards and indoor drumlines has pushed designers to new levels of creativity. EnVision software gives designers a richer visual vocabulary with which to imagine, refine and share their most ambitious ideas.

If you're a visual performance designer, Envision software’s visualizations and animations can add vitality to every step of your design process. 

EnVision for Mac OS X has been tested and approved by experienced, active drill writers and instructors in the United States and Europe. One of the beta testers for EnVision OS X is Shane Gwaltney. Shane is the Percussion Caption Head for the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps from Rockford, Illinois and Battery Arranger and Visual Designer for Music City Mystique from Nashville, Tennessee. Shane comments, “Finally! A marching program for the visual-minded person. The ability to see your show in a 3D setting is great. It eliminates trial and error and allows you to see the accurate space for performers and instruments. Thank you Box5 Software."

“We really like working with drill writers to ensure we are offering the right tools and features they actually need,” says Emile Mclean, Director of Marketing. “Since our release, we have been issuing monthly updates and bug fixes - we are committed to providing industry-leading technology. It all starts with our customers and we’re happy to say the majority of updates have come from feedback that we have received from professional drill writers and beta testers.” 

EnVision software is available for immediate purchase and download from the Box5 website at A demo version is also available 

To learn more about Box5 and our EnVision software or to schedule an interview, please contact Emile Mclean at

Tutorials on how to use EnVision are online. Visit our YouTube channel at

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About Box5 Software 

Founded in 2010, Box5 Software is privately held software development company based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Their mission is to create software that enables people to fully express their imaginations, explore new ideas in movement and create inspired productions. Their first product is EnVision Visual Performance Design Software and launched June 27, 2011.